Past EventS

Academic Year 2020-2021

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #22]: 02/26/2021, Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University, A Halfway Self-reflection on My Data Science Research and Practice.

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #21]:08/28/2020, Yufei Ding, University of California at Santa Barbara, My experience with quantum computing research.

Academic Year 2019-2020

  • [ACSIC Panel #3]: 07/24/2020, Heng Huang, Shan Lu, Jishen Zhao, Mi Zhang, Lin Zhong, Weisong Shi (moderator), How to Build a Productive Faculty Career. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC SOFC 2020]:The Fourth ACSIC Annual Meeting & Symposium on Frontiers in Computing, July 17, 2020, Online. [Website]

  • [ACSIC Panel #2]: 01/10/2020, Yi Pan, Chunming Qiao, Zhong Shao, Chengshan Xiao, Ping Ji (moderator), 系主任们聊CS Faculty申请和面试技巧. [Video on Youtube]

Academic Year 2018-2019

  • [ACSIC SOFC 2019]:The Third ACSIC Annual Meeting & Symposium on Frontiers in Computing, June 7-8, 2019, Chicago, USA. [Website]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #20]:06/08/2019, Qing Yang, University of Rhode Island, How to Give Back to the Society. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #19]:06/07/2019, Lionel M. Ni, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 计算机科研40 年: 回顾与反思. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #18]:11/30/2018, Xianfeng Gu, State University of New York at Stony Brook, A Geometric View to Generative Model in Deep Learning. [Video on Youtube], [Slides]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #17]:10/12/2018, Kaifu Li, Sinovation Ventures, The Era of Artificial Intelligence. [Video on Youtube]

Academic Year 2017-2018

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #16]:12/01/2017, Yiran Chen, Duke, The sweet and sour life of a two-faculty family. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #15]:10/27/2017, Xinyu Zhang, UCSD, Perspectives on Research Productivity. [Video on Youtube]

Academic Year 2016-2017

  • [ACSIC SOFC 2017]:The First ACSIC Annual Meeting & Symposium on Frontiers in Computing, June 9-10, 2017, Chicago, USA. [Website]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #14]: 05/08/2017, Aidong Zhang, SUNY Buffalo, Requirements and Suggestions to a Successful Career: A Chair's Perspective.

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #13]: 01/13/2017, Wei Zhao, University of Macau, Stories of Living and Working in USA and Beyond. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #12]: 12/09/2016, Baoquan Chen, Shandong University, 归去来兮:回到国内做学术的个人体会与观察. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #11]: 11/21/2016, Shan Lu, University of Chicago, What My Mentors Taught Me. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #10]: 10/21/2016, Jason Cong, UCLA, Expeditions and Beyond — Lessons from Leading Large Collaborative Research Projects. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Panel #1]: 09/09/2016, Jie Yang, Wenjing Lou, Hong Jiang, NSF Grants Writing and Reviewing Q&A

Academic Year 2015-2016

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #9]: 05/03/2016, Jie Wu, Temple University, Balancing teaching, research, and service and administration in the academic world 协调学术界中的教学,研究,服务和管理 [Video on Youtube] [Slides English][Slides]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #8]: 04/08/2016, Yuan Xie, UCSB, Tao Xie, UIUC, 与工业界合作的一点经验体会. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #7]: 3/11/2016,Jie Liu, Microsoft Research,聊聊工业研究. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #6]: 02/19/16, Yuanyuan Zhou, University of California, San Diego, 前车之鉴. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #5]: 01/22/16, Xindong Wu, University of Vermont, Writing Research Papers for Premier Forums in Knowledge and Data Engineering. [Video on Youtube], [Slides]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #4]: 12/18/15, Xiaodong Zhang, The Ohio State University, Dual Responsibilities of Being a Professor: Education People and Scholarly Influence (大学教授的双重责任:教书育人和学术影响力). [Video on Youtube], [Slides]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #3]: 11/20/15, Lin Zhong, Rice University, A reflection on first 10 years in academia. [Video on Youtube]

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #2]: 10/9/15, Xian-He Sun, IIT, How to Organize Computer Science Conferences and More.

  • [ACSIC Speaker Series #1]: 9/11/15, Jie Yang, NSF, An Introduction to NSF Proposal Writing.